iAdboard® is a web based, invitation only, virtual discussion platform. It harnesses the power of the collective thinking of physicians, payers, patients and experts and is a real alternative to the traditional methods of focus groups and advisory boards. It is a bespoke application and has been developed by the market research and market access experts of Lifescience Dynamics Limited.

Pharma companies are using our virtual advisory boards to reduce overhead costs while increasing depth, richness in the collection of opinions and effectiveness. Especially in global settings, the scheduling and the logistics of focus groups and advisory boards can be burdensome. iAdboard limits this.

iAdboard® environment provides the following advantages:

Rich & in-depth data:

“It provides the opportunity to give more educated answers than what you know at that moment in time. When I’m talking to you, I don’t know what you are going to ask me…If I don’t know the answer to one, I can go and look for it.” - UK Payer

Flexibility for researchers:

Positive client experience:

Positive participants/respondent experience:

“For those of us with a tight agenda, it is a benefit – it gives us a time span to answer the questions posted.”
- Spanish Payer


Savings can be made by eliminating certain costs. While honoraria costs (and perhaps content costs) may increase, several logistics costs are eliminated, making the study more cost efficient.

iAdboard® provides convenient, concurrent, multiple language group discussions and advisory boards.